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4 Circumstances When You Should Consider Consulting an Airplane Repo Attorney

Airplane repo cases can be complex and require navigating complicated legal issues. From understanding aviation finance and repossession law to dealing with title issues, there are several matters that require the expertise of an airplane repo attorney. If you find yourself in a repo situation, you may want to consider consulting an airplane repo attorney. Here are four circumstances when you should consider hiring an airplane repo attorney:

Before and After the Repo Is Complete

To understand your rights and obligations under the law, it is essential to consult an airplane repo attorney before the repossession is complete. A pre-repossession consultation can help you understand your legal rights, such as whether or not it is permissible to repossess the aircraft in your jurisdiction. After the repo is complete, the professional can handle issues such as title issues, aircraft storage, and sales of the repossessed plane. It is important to continue with the same attorney as they will be more familiar with the case.

When Your Case Involves Multiple Parties

Multiple parties can make an airplane repo case difficult as they involve multiple claims and interests. For example, the lender, borrower, and repossession company may all have specific interests that need to be addressed. An experienced attorney can ensure all your interests are adequately represented and can provide invaluable guidance in working with the other involved parties.

When You Are Already Facing Litigation or Lawsuits

Airplane repo cases can often involve civil or criminal legal action, such as wrongful repossession or breach of contract claims. In these cases, it is important to hire an attorney who understands the complexities of aviation finance law and can provide aggressive legal representation. The attorney can help you navigate the legal system and prepare defenses against any claims or charges.

When the Aircraft Is Located Abroad

Retaining an aircraft in a foreign country can be especially difficult and complex. An experienced airplane repo attorney can help you navigate the laws and regulations of that country and manage any legal issues related to getting the aircraft back. They can also help you understand the effects of international aviation regulations, such as where the aircraft can be stored and how it will be transported.

Whether it's before, after, or during the repo process, an experienced airplane repo attorney can provide invaluable guidance and assistance. They can help you understand the legal issues involved with aircraft repossessions while ensuring your rights and interests are adequately represented. They can also minimize any costs and delays associated with the aircraft repossession process. Contact a qualified airplane repo attorney today to discuss your case.