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What To Know About The Unique Circumstances Of A Pedestrian Car Accident

While many people are familiar with the laws that surround car accidents when one vehicle hits another, it is quite different when a vehicle hits a pedestrian. Here are a few key things you need to know about this type of car accident care. When Do Pedestrian Accidents Typically Happen? It is more common for pedestrian accidents to happen these days because drivers are more distracted than ever. When a pedestrian is sharing space with pedestrians, there is always a possibility that a pedestrian accident can happen. Read More 

Don’t Rely on a Will to Capture Your Estate

When somebody dies, the family may turn to a will to make decisions for this individual. Unfortunately, a will is not necessarily enough. The truth is that planning one's estate requires more than a will. These are just a few of the reasons why you should consult with an estate planning professional rather than trying to do everything through a will. 1. Wills Mean Your Case Enters Probate Many people want to leave the courts out of their estate as much as possible. Read More 

3 Things To Know Before You Hire A Divorce Attorney

You can only learn so much about divorce law online. Having the right attorney by your side during this uncertain and stressful time can make a major difference in your personal experience and the case outcome. Before you hire an attorney, here's what you need to know to help guide your search. Your Personalities Should Mesh You need to be able to work with your attorney for three months or more. Read More 

How Corporate Lawyers Can Assist With Mergers

Merging with another company is a pretty big transition, one that you need to execute perfectly. This is possible if you work with a corporate lawyer, who can help  this process in the following ways. Build a Tangible and Feasible Roadmap Before a merger is ever executed, it's important to plan it out carefully. That's where a corporate lawyer comes in handy. They can build a roadmap that outlines the various stages of the merger from start to finish. Read More 

When Can You Reasonably Receive Compensation Due To A Birth Injury?

One of the last things expectant parents want to think about is complications during the birthing process. Most parents might think about potential complications during the pregnancy but may not think that any could arise as the child is born. If complications occur, the baby can often be treated and have no ill effects after, however, other times serious consequences might occur and life-long treatment might be needed. When can you reasonably receive compensation due to a birth injury? Read More