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2 Options You Can Use To Handle Back Taxes You Owe

If you owe the government money for back taxes, you will need to find a way to clear up the debt. If you don't, the government can come after you and place liens on your property and garnish your wages. This type of debt will not go away on its own. Luckily, there are options you can use to settle the debt, but you may want to hire a tax attorney to assist you. Read More 

Know A Disabled Homeless Person? Change Their Life With SSDI

Do you know a disabled homeless person? Do you wish there was more you could do for them than give them a few bucks when you see them or drop them off a meal when you pass them on the street? Well, there is more you can do—you can change their entire life by helping them get the benefits that they're entitled to.  Homelessness And Disability More than 40 percent of homeless Americans are persons with disabilities. Read More 

4 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce involves making a lot of life changes that can quickly become overwhelming and stressful. So it's essential to make sure that you have an experienced and resourceful divorce attorney by your side to represent you before, during, and after the divorce process. But you'll need to do a little leg work in order to find the right service provider for your needs. Here are a few things to consider before hiring any divorce attorney: Read More 

Think You’re Responsible For Your California Motorcycle Injuries? 3 Laws You Thought You Were Breaking But Weren’t

Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident in California? Are you hesitant to sue the other driver because you think the accident might have been the result of your breaking a traffic law right before the collision? If so, you should know about these three things that actually aren't illegal when you're driving a motorcycle in California. You Ran A Red Light It's not all that uncommon for motorcyclists to run red lights. Read More 

Tips For Calculating Lost Wages From An Accident And Surviving Without Income While You Wait For Your Settlement

If your spouse is injured severely in a car accident and is unsure if he or she will ever be able to return to work, it can place your family in a tough financial position. While eventually you may receive a settlement for the accident, it may not arrive for several years. Here are some tips to help you survive financially during this time and help you understand the type of damages you can request for current lost wages and future lost wages. Read More