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Improving Your Situation Before The DUI Court

An accusation of driving under the influence charge is a serious accusation because its effects go beyond the punishments the court might prefer against you if you are convicted. Below are some helpful tips to help you improve your situation in front of the DUI judge. Write Down Everything The circumstances of your arrest will affect the criminal proceedings against you and your defense. Don't rely on your memory to remember everything. Read More 

How To Boost Your Temporary Insanity Defense

A defendant can claim they are not guilty by reason of temporary insanity if they believe they blacked out or otherwise were not in control of their actions at the time of the crime. That said, this defense can be quite complicated and will require a lot of convincing evidence for a judge or jury to find it believable. If you are going to use this defense in court, you need to find an expert in criminal defense law in your state who will know how to best present this kind of case. Read More 

Filing An Appeal For Your Workers Compensation Claim With The Help Of An Attorney

You might get your workers compensation benefits denied initially for a number of reasons. It's a process to get workers compensation benefits, and this process is often fraught with delays and the need to provide additional information in order for the first check to arrive. When you are hurt at work and you can't return right away, your wages are protected by workers compensation insurance. You must report the injury to your employer, and a treatment provider has to write you out of work because of your injuries. Read More 

Pros And Cons Of Contacting A Beneficiary Before Contesting A Will

If you've decided that you're going to contest a will, the decisions that you make leading up to hiring a probate lawyer and moving forward can have a big impact. One decision that you'll need to make is whether you'll contact one of the beneficiaries in advance. There are several reasons that you may want to do so. For example, if an estate was divided between two people, and you believe that one person deserves the money but the other doesn't, you might think about contacting the former individual to discuss the situation. Read More 

Pre-Existing Conditions In Personal Injury Cases

Car accidents are often more complicated than they appear. After a car accident, you can work with a personal injury attorney to determine liability for your injury. The court will assess your situation and determine if you are eligible to receive funds to recoup your losses. But what happens if you already had a pre-existing condition that could have contributed to your accident-related injuries? The Role of the Defendant's Attorney Read More