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How A Personal Injury Lawyer Helps In Slip And Fall Cases In Front Of A Business

Slip and fall injuries on icy sidewalks are very common but painful and may occur throughout many areas of a city. When they occur in front of a business, the injured party may be open to lawsuits for compensation from that business. However, they'll need a good personal injury lawyer to protect them from potential defenses that may come from the business attempting to avoid lawsuit claims. Slip and Fall Injuries on Ice Are Common Read More 

What Victims Need To Know About Dog Bite Personal Injuries

When you are bitten by a dog, the dog's owner is almost always legally responsible. Even minor bites can create a host of medical and financial problems. Read on for some tips on handling a dog bite personal injury situation. 1. Most of the time, owners take their responsibilities very seriously, and not all dogs are dangerous. Unfortunately, even dogs that have never caused problems before can become unpredictable and attack an innocent person. Read More 

How To Decide Whether To File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a process that's commonly used by individuals to restructure their debts. This means they typically hold onto their assets, but their creditors will likely take a reduced amount of what's owed. For example, you might ask the court to impose a 20% cut on your creditors. The net effect would be that you'd enter into a payment plan that would honor 80% of the original debts, and then the judge would discharge the remaining 20% once the plan was completed. Read More 

Important Finance-Related Matters Future Divorcees Should Address Before Divorce

Divorce is a dreaded word for most married individuals. However, unforeseeable circumstances can negatively impact relationships. There might be a desire to prevent marriages from ending in divorce. That usually involves both parties' willingness to get involved in the process of "saving the marriage." Counseling and other interventions may not produce the desired effects eventually leading to one or both individuals wanting to end the marriage.  Divorces can be complex even if couples do not have a lot of assets. Read More 

What To Know About The Unique Circumstances Of A Pedestrian Car Accident

While many people are familiar with the laws that surround car accidents when one vehicle hits another, it is quite different when a vehicle hits a pedestrian. Here are a few key things you need to know about this type of car accident care. When Do Pedestrian Accidents Typically Happen? It is more common for pedestrian accidents to happen these days because drivers are more distracted than ever. When a pedestrian is sharing space with pedestrians, there is always a possibility that a pedestrian accident can happen. Read More