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What To Do When The Other Driver Won't Give Insurance Details

When an auto accident attorney occurs, both drivers have a duty to exchange contact and insurance information so claims can be filed and paid. Unfortunately, people don't always do the right thing and will either refuse to provide the requested information or give fake details. Here's what you should do in this situation.

Gather as Much Identifying Information as Possible

Do your best to convince the other party to share their information with you. If the person remains obstinate or it seems like the conversation will devolve into an argument, discontinue speaking to the individual and concentrate your efforts on collecting identifying information.

At a minimum, you should get the license plate number and a description of the driver. If possible, though, get pictures of the vehicle plates, VIN, driver and passengers, damage done to the vehicles, and obvious injuries. Pay attention to what the driver and other people on the scene say to each other as even the tiniest thing may help your case.

The details of the car's registered owner can be obtained from the DMV, and a description can verify if the driver is the owner or someone else. Provide this information to your insurance company so they can open a case and track down the other party.

File a Police Report

If the other person remains uncooperative, contact the police. Most people don't want to deal with law enforcement, so even the act of contacting the local PD may shake the person out of their stubbornness and provide the requested information. If they don't, the cops will usually get the details needed and share them with you.

In some cases, the other party will actually leave the scene of the accident. You should still call the police and file a report. There may be traffic cameras in the vicinity that caught some useful details, and you can have your attorney obtain a court order to get a copy of the video to send to the insurance company.

It can be challenging dealing with someone who wants to be disobliging or confrontational, but keep your cool and manage the situation as best you can. Once you have the information you need, contact an attorney for assistance with collecting compensation for your injuries and damage to your car from the liable driver.

For more tips on what to do when you're in an accident or help with your case, contact a local lawyer.