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A DUI Could Impact Your Employment

 One of the biggest reasons to fight a DUI charge is not only because a conviction can lead to punishment, but also because it can lead to a loss of employment. It is a good idea to hire a criminal defense attorney to ensure that you can maintain your job.

Do you want to make sure that a DUI charge does not impact your employment status?  A criminal defense attorney can help you work through the next steps so you have your best chance at keeping your job.

You Could Lose Your Job

Let's say that you have to miss work because you are sentenced to jail. Your employer may have to hire somebody else to fill in the space, and they may have the right to fire you. This means that when you do get out of jail, you may not have a job to return to.

You may also be unable to get or renew a professional license because of your DUI conviction. As a result, you may not be able to hold onto your job if it requires a license or certification.

It May Be More Difficult to Get Another Job

In some states, employers have the right to screen for past DUIs. In other cases, they can ask you and make a decision taking this into account. This means that they can use this against you when they are considering you against other candidates. Even if you have the qualifications for the job, a DUI conviction could make a significant difference.

If you have a job that requires driving, you may struggle to get another driving job with a DUI on your record. The same applies to working in a field where you occasionally have to drive cars, like working at a car dealership.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help

One of the best things about working with a criminal defense attorney is that you can get the help you need to build a case. You have the ability to fight for your ability to work. It is important that you don't allow a DUI conviction to go unfought.

A criminal defense attorney can offer more insight into how to move forward with your case. An attorney can help you determine what you need to do to ensure that you can protect your job and your freedom. Call an attorney to learn more about your legal options.