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Why Hire A Long-Term Disability Attorney?

Filing for long-term disability benefits can be a frustrating experience. Despite the physical and mental stress arising from the injury and inability to work, there are many hurdles to navigate in the process. Your long-term disability (LTD) benefits may come into jeopardy simply because of an improperly filled document or procedural mistake. Getting legal representation increases the chances of a successful disability claim. Below are the benefits of hiring a long-term disability attorney. 

Expert Counsel in LTD Procedure 

A long-term disability attorney specializes in LTD claims. Thus, they have a vast knowledge of the LTD procedures to offer expert counsel. There are specific laws, such as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, that govern LTD insurance issues. A specialized attorney is well versed with this law, understands the specific filing procedures, and is aware of filing time limitations. Plus, the attorney helps you avoid common mistakes like paperwork or quitting work before filing for disability benefits. Thus, the long-term disability attorney increases the chance of a claim's success. 

Support with Claims Application 

The most crucial element in a long-term disability lawsuit is researching and gathering evidence. An attorney understands the necessary evidence required to prove the merits of your case. Typically, the attorney will start by understanding the issues related to your injuries. The lawyer then collects the necessary medical evidence, such as treatment records. In particular, the attorney will gather medical professional opinion on your work-related limitations. Finally, the attorney prepares and submits your claims file with relevant evidence. 


Facing the insurance company for long-term disability claims is complicated. Typically, most insurance companies would want to reduce the claim or reject it to avoid the expense of paying. Yet, the long-term disability claims procedure prescribes internal appeals before legal redress. Thus, hiring an LTD attorney can ease the negotiation process with the insurer. The lawyer will ensure all necessary documents and satisfactory evidence is availed to the insurance company to exhaust the internal appeal mechanisms. 

Legal Representation

A long-term disability attorney is qualified to represent you in a court procedure. In case the appeals with the insurer fall through, you have the option of bringing a lawsuit before a federal court. As a legal representative, the attorney files your case, makes court submissions and arguments. Notably, the attorney can help you get vocational experts to testify. The vocational expert offers independent testimony regarding your work position requirements relative to the job market. Moreover, the attorney follows up to ensure compliance with the court determination. 

Long-term disability cases are complex and too important. Having legal representation makes a positive difference in the award of long-term disability benefits. Make the most of your claim by hiring an experienced attorney specializing in long-term disability rather than a general practitioner.  

To get started, reach out to a local long-term disability attorney.