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When Can You Reasonably Receive Compensation Due To A Birth Injury?

One of the last things expectant parents want to think about is complications during the birthing process. Most parents might think about potential complications during the pregnancy but may not think that any could arise as the child is born. If complications occur, the baby can often be treated and have no ill effects after, however, other times serious consequences might occur and life-long treatment might be needed.

When can you reasonably receive compensation due to a birth injury? There are some times you could sue medical staff for a birth injury. Contact a birth injury attorney to find out if you qualify.

Improper Monitoring Of The Baby

While pregnant, a woman will go to her doctor to ensure her baby is healthy and developing normally. You most likely did this step and might have been told everything is going well. However, in some cases, the doctor might not have monitored the baby properly and may have missed several important factors.

For example, the baby may have an RH incompatibility with you. This issue can be a potentially life-threatening condition or cause serious illness for the child if not corrected while still in the womb. This can be corrected by specialized treatment to ensure compatibility with the mother, but if it's missed, birth injuries can be severe.

Along the same lines, any medication that was improperly administered to the mother during pregnancy for similar conditions or other medical conditions can have an adverse effect on the baby.

If the doctor miscalculated the size of the baby while still in the womb, birth injuries may be caused due to allowing the mother to try to deliver naturally when a C-section should have been done right away.

Your birth injury lawyer will work with you to see if your baby was properly monitored during the pregnancy to help prevent any birth injuries.

Not Detecting Or Monitoring Medical Problems With The Mother

It's also possible that a doctor might have missed any medical problems that you had while pregnant or leading up to giving birth. This can include any infections you may have had that can adversely affect the baby during birth.

If you have existing medical conditions that could cause an infection or low or high blood pressure or if you have an illness in which you need to take medications that could hurt your baby but would be life-threatening to you if you don't take them and the doctor didn't take these matters seriously, you might have a case to sue the doctor for any birth injuries.

Your birth injury attorney will work with you to determine if the medical staff failed in their duties to keep your baby safe while still treating you for any medical conditions.