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4 Ways You Can Sabotage Your Settlement After A Car Accident

After a car accident, you may be injured and want to seek a settlement to pay for your medical and other expenses. However, even if you are legitimately injured, there are some things you can do that can sabotage your settlement. These four actions may reduce or completely wipe away your settlement. Talking About the Accident With the Wrong People After the accident, contact your insurance company and tell them everything, but when it comes to other people, be quiet. Read More 

Injured In An Auto Accident With A Criminal Driver? How Does This Impact Your Claim?

While just about every licensed driver will be involved in at least one or two accidents over the course of a driving lifetime (with the "average" driver turning in an insurance claim about every 18 years), the process is never a pleasant one—particularly if you're injured as a result of someone else's negligence behind the wheel. Unfortunately, insult can often be added to this injury if you find that the at-fault driver was engaged in the commission of a crime at the time of your accident and his or her insurance policy is refusing to make an offer of settlement or disclaiming responsibility for any eventual monetary judgment. Read More 

2 Options You Can Use To Handle Back Taxes You Owe

If you owe the government money for back taxes, you will need to find a way to clear up the debt. If you don't, the government can come after you and place liens on your property and garnish your wages. This type of debt will not go away on its own. Luckily, there are options you can use to settle the debt, but you may want to hire a tax attorney to assist you. Read More 

Tips For Calculating Lost Wages From An Accident And Surviving Without Income While You Wait For Your Settlement

If your spouse is injured severely in a car accident and is unsure if he or she will ever be able to return to work, it can place your family in a tough financial position. While eventually you may receive a settlement for the accident, it may not arrive for several years. Here are some tips to help you survive financially during this time and help you understand the type of damages you can request for current lost wages and future lost wages. Read More 

Keep Kids Out Of Personal Injury Claims By Knowing Car Seat Laws & Recommendations

Child restraint law have been changing drastically over the years. You may look back on you childhood and remember bouncing around the back seat at a young age. Now you see five and six year old kids car seats and might think it is a little silly. You may have survived your childhood, but many didn't. Here are the basic car seat laws, and what happens if you don't abide by them with your own children. Read More