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What An Estate Litigation Lawyer Can Do For You

With all the different types of lawyers out there, you may wonder what exactly an estate litigation lawyer can do for you. Here are some of the common services that they offer. 

Estate Dispute Assistance

One common issue that an estate litigation lawyer can handle is disputes with a person's estate. This includes issues related to trusts, will, and the probate process. For example, you may have someone that is challenging a will to question its legitimacy, which is causing problems for you trying to go through the probate process. You may even be on the opposite end of the law, where you feel like something suspicious is going on and you want to challenge a will. 

Mediation Assistance

Do not assume that every legal issue is going to go to trial. In fact, going to trial is the last resort for most cases since trials can be lengthy and expensive. An estate litigation lawyer can help you with the mediation process so that you can come to a mutual agreement with the other party. Having someone on your side of the law helps ensure that you get the outcome that you legally deserve.

Estate Plan Document Drafting

Do you not have an estate plan in place and want to create one? An estate litigation lawyer can help you create those essential documents so that they are correctly made and legally binding. They can help you determine if a will or a trust will work better for your needs, which may be to simplify your estate, avoid taxes, and avoid probate. 

Power Of Attorney Document Drafting 

You will also want to have power or attorney documentation drafted so that you have decision-making power when you are incapacitated. These power of attorney documents often state any wishes that you have if you are hospitalized regarding your end-of-life wishes, as well as who has control over your finances when you are unable to make decisions on your own. These are issues that families often fight over, which can easily be avoided with the proper legal documents in place. 

These are just a few ways that an estate litigation lawyer can provide services that you'll need at some point in your life. Looking for more ways that they can help you out? Reach out to a local lawyer in your area, and you'll receive a consultation regarding your legal problem. For more information, contact an estate litigation lawyer near you.