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When Is It Important To Hire A Car Accident Lawyer?

Not every car accident requires that the drivers involved hire legal representation. It's not at all uncommon for both drivers to call their insurance companies, and for the insurance companies to then work out, between themselves, which one will cover the damage. However, things do not always go this smoothly. So, just when is it a good idea to hire an attorney? Here are some of the most common car accident scenarios in which it's smart to hire a car accident lawyer.

1. Your injuries and medical bills are substantial

Car insurance plans have a limit on medical coverage. If you just scrape yourself up a little, sprain an ankle, or break an arm in an accident, then the insurance plan should easily cover your expenses. However, if your injuries are more severe, your bills can pile up quickly, and before long, they'll exceed the amount that insurance will cover. You'll then need a lawyer to sue your insurance company, the other driver's insurance company, or the other driver for the remaining expenses.

2. The other driver is arguing that they are not at fault

If you are confident that the other driver is at fault, but they are arguing that they are not at fault, then you're best off hiring a lawyer to sort this out for you. The other driver may or may not actually have enough evidence to show they're not at fault, but either way, you will want a lawyer to represent you and argue against any claims they do make. Otherwise, you may end up being held liable for your own accident costs and maybe even the accident costs of the other driver.

3. You think the accident may be the municipality's fault

Did you get in an accident because of poor road conditions, a poorly placed sign, or some other condition related to the road or your surroundings? The accident may not be your fault or the fault of the other driver. It may be the fault of the municipality, state, or federal government. Getting the responsible party to accept fault and pay for the damages, though, is not simple and is a task best left to the lawyers.

Hiring a car accident attorney is not always necessary after a crash, but it is a very good choice if you are badly injured, are facing a driver who won't accept fault, or suspect a third party is responsible for your crash. Reach out to an auto accident attorney to see if you have a case.