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Improving Your Situation Before The DUI Court

An accusation of driving under the influence charge is a serious accusation because its effects go beyond the punishments the court might prefer against you if you are convicted. Below are some helpful tips to help you improve your situation in front of the DUI judge.

Write Down Everything

The circumstances of your arrest will affect the criminal proceedings against you and your defense. Don't rely on your memory to remember everything. Note what the officer said and did, your behavior, your replies, the location and time of your arrest, plus any other relevant factor. For example, an off-the-cuff remark from the arresting officer can help you prove discrimination during your trial.

Enroll in Alcohol Classes

DUI schools offer alcohol classes that teach the dangers of alcohol addiction and the risks of intoxicated driving to individuals and society at large. Courts usually order DUI offenders to enroll in these classes. However, you don't have to wait for the court's order, enroll for the classes so that the judge can see that you are committed to avoiding further DUI offenses.

Avoid Further Offenses

Do not commit any further DUI offenses before your trial. Indeed, you should not commit any crime as you await trial. Further criminal offenses will aggravate your DUI charges or at the very least deny you any leeway that the court would have otherwise granted you. If possible, you should not even drink alcohol during this time.

Plea Bargain

If your state laws allow DUI plea bargains, the prosecutor will probably approach you with a plea offer. If you reach an agreement, you will benefit from reduced charges and penalties, but you'll have to plead guilty to the charges. Plea bargaining may make sense if the circumstances of your offense means you face almost-certain conviction or you want to deal with the charges as fast as possible.

Get the Demeanor Right

When you go to court for your DUI trial, it won't be just your words that will determine the direction of the case. Your attire, speech, facial expressions, and everything about you will affect your trial. This means you need to prepare your demeanor for a positive contribution. Everything about you should scream reliability, professionalism, and honesty. For example, you should dress smartly but conservatively. 

Hopefully, you won't be dealing with DUI charges any time soon. The best way to ensure that is to avoid driving after taking alcohol or any intoxicating substance. If you do get arrested, however, you should consult a DUI attorney to handle your defense.