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Filing An Appeal For Your Workers Compensation Claim With The Help Of An Attorney

You might get your workers compensation benefits denied initially for a number of reasons. It's a process to get workers compensation benefits, and this process is often fraught with delays and the need to provide additional information in order for the first check to arrive. When you are hurt at work and you can't return right away, your wages are protected by workers compensation insurance. You must report the injury to your employer, and a treatment provider has to write you out of work because of your injuries. Compensation will be a percentage of your salary and can be denied if your paperwork is not turned in on time or it is not complete for any reason.

Appealing the Initial Denial

It is best to respond quickly when you are asked for additional paperwork regarding your initial claim for workers compensation benefits. If you don't respond quickly enough, your claim can be denied. Appealing the initial denial will take longer than if you responded to the request for additional information, but there are times when you can't help being late with information. A workers compensation lawyer will understand what the insurance company is looking for and be able to appeal your claim in a timely manner.

If Your Claim Is Denied Because the Accident Wasn't Witnessed

Your workers compensation claim can be denied if there isn't a clear picture of what happened to cause your injuries. You will want to be very detailed when writing your accident report, and you should not change your story for any reason. If there aren't witnesses, you will want to write a precise report about what happened to cause your injuries. There may be a camera within the building that recorded your accident, and this can help your case immensely if there is a recording.

Get the Help of an Attorney

When you are trying to heal from injuries that you sustained at work, the last thing you need to do is worry about money. If you are having a hard time figuring out your paperwork, a workers compensation attorney can help you get through it. Your job is to focus on your healing and make it to all of your medical appointments. Once you hire an attorney, you aren't going to have to deal with insurance companies and trying to prove why you deserve workers compensation benefits. If your claim is denied, get the help you deserve from a workers compensation attorney, like those at Bishop Dorfman Kroupa & Bishop PC.