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3 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Have you become disabled and are no longer able to work? Has Social Security denied your claim and essentially told you to stop goofing off and get back to work? Even if you are severely disabled, it's not unusual for claims to be denied on the first or even on the second time around. Some people may have to wait years until their claims are approved. But you don't want to wait years, so what you need to do is to hire an attorney to help you with your case. There are a number of reasons why you should do this but here are just a few.

No money up front

Some types of lawyers can be extremely expensive. A divorce lawyer, for instance, might charge you fees amounting to hundreds of dollars an hour just to fill out basic paperwork. While a Social Security disability lawyer isn't free, neither do you have to pay for him or her out of your own pocket. Instead, he or she will take 25% of your past-due benefits up to $6,000. For instance, if you are awarded $5,000 in past-due benefits and a further $1,000 per month as of the judgment, you'll only owe the attorney $1,250 and the rest of the money is yours to use as needed.

Red tape knowledge

One reason why your benefits may be denied is that you didn't turn in certain paperwork with everything else. Unfortunately, the paperwork turned in didn't say that you needed this other paperwork; you're only finding out about it now. But because of experience, a Social Security disability lawyer will be aware of not only what you've been asked to turn in now but also what you might be asked to turn in later. Although it might be a hassle, it's better to go get various medical reports now, even if they haven't been asked for, than to have your claim denied because you weren't asked to include them in the first place.

Better credibility

The people at the Social Security office don't want to pay out claims to people that aren't actually disabled. Doing so is just a waste of taxpayer money. This is part of why they deny many claims almost automatically. But when you have a Social Security disability lawyer on your side, your claims are more likely to be looked at more thoroughly. After all, you convinced the lawyer that there is something to your claim so they realize that there's probably something to your claim and are more likely to approve it.