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4 Things NOT To Do During A Divorce

Regardless of the circumstances of your relationship, a divorce can be very stressful even if it is somewhat amicable. It is easy to get swept up in your emotions during the divorce process, but it is important to remain level-headed and make good decisions in order to protect your future. If you and your spouse are planning on divorcing, avoid doing the following:

DIY Divorce

Probably the biggest mistake you can make during a divorce is not hiring a divorce attorney to represent you. While having an attorney is not legally required, hiring one is key to ensuring that your best interests are protected. Divorces can be quite complicated, especially if you and your spouse share children or a lot of assets, and the dissolution of a marriage should not be something that you try to take on by yourself. Many people worry about the cost of hiring a divorce attorney, but a good one is well worth his or her fee when you consider the fact that he or she will help divide assets fairly and create a suitable custody arrangement.

Hiding Money or Assets

There is a good chance that your spouse knows what assets you have and what assets are held jointly, so trying to hide money or other assets will only backfire. In fact, if it is shown that you moved around assets in an attempt to try to hide them during the divorce proceedings, it is possible that you could be found to be in contempt of court. It is in your best interest to be honest and truthful about your net worth and the assets that you have.

Acting Out of Anger

Anger is a common emotion felt during a divorce, but acting on those feelings is never a good idea. Doing something like keying your spouses car, throwing out his or her belongings, or posting embarrassing photos or information on social media will only make you look spiteful and bitter. If you and your spouse can't agree on the terms of the divorce and your case goes to trial, the judge may take any inappropriate actions on your part into consideration when making a final decision.

Involving the Children

A divorce can be hard for the whole family, especially young children. If you care about the emotional and psychological health of your children, never involve them in the divorce process. Avoid fighting with your spouse in front of the kids, and never talk bad about about him or her to your children-- it is important to remember that you may be divorcing your spouse, but he or she is still your kids' parent.

Contact a divorce attorney for more help.