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What to Know if You Want a Divorce But Your Wife Is Pregnant & You're Not Sure it's Yours

If you are interested in divorcing your wife but you just found out that she is pregnant, there are some things you want to do right away. If you are unsure that the baby is yours because you think she is having an affair, or you want to have the divorce settled before the baby arrives, you have to take the right actions. Here are a few things you should talk with a divorce lawyer about in advance, before you serve your spouse with any news or papers.

Mediation Options

Talk with the lawyer to see if they could possibly mediate the divorce between the two of you quickly. Here are a few benefits to mediation:

  • Your divorce is done quickly
  • You can save in legal and court costs
  • You can avoid court battles documented on public record

These are just a few of the main benefits you can expect to enjoy. The mediation options that you have will vary, based on if your spouse is willing to cooperate with the mediation. They may want to use their own attorney for the mediation process.

Paternity Testing

If a woman is married or pregnant during a marriage, the baby is automatically assumed to be the husband's, and the husband's name is put on the birth certificate. If you fear that the child isn't yours, and you have proof or a reasonable doubt, then discuss getting a paternity test done with the attorney. The attorney can start the process for a court order to get the testing done.

Legal Separation

It may be best to first legally separate until you find out if the baby is yours, and until your wife gets through the pregnancy. She may be more willing to cooperate when she isn't pregnant, especially if there is proof that the child isn't yours and that she committed adultery. This paperwork isn't difficult to file for.

There are a lot of different things that can occur when you ask your spouse for a divorce, and if you know that your wife is pregnant and that it may not be yours, you want a legal consult before you do anything inappropriate or out of line. Waiting may be the best option, or having the divorce settled quickly and without a huge legal battle. Talk with a divorce law firm like Grafton Law Office, and then confront your spouse about your plans to see if they will be willing to cooperate.