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Working With A Divorce Attorney In Naples, FL

While not every divorce is a negative thing for those affected by it, ending any marriage is stressful for the two people involved. This is even more true if there are children present, who will invariably be impacted by taking this step. In order to minimize the stress, expedite the process and ensure that you and your interests are effectively represented, hiring a divorce attorney in Naples, FL can be a prudent choice. Depending on the reasoning behind your separation, you may not need a lawyer at all, but having a divorce attorney in Naples, FL who is on your side can be a great asset in any scenario. With that in mind, there are a few different kinds of divorce. No fault, or uncontested divorce is often a decision reached by both parties, usually at least amicable and can be fairly quick. On the other hand, contested divorces usually occur when one party either does not want the divorce at all or is challenging a specific part of the separation agreement. In this case, things can get out of hand quickly, and a judge will almost always have to be the final arbiter. Of course, if children are involved in either of these everything becomes much more complicated. Regardless of any of the motivations, your individual situation or whether you have children, if you are seriously considering divorce your first step should be to contact a divorce attorney in Naples, FL. You may have made several attempts at reconciliation or you may not have, but a good lawyer will explain all of your options to you as they presently stand. That said, it's in your best interest to be as bluntly and brutally honest about everything as you possibly can as this is the only way to receive accurate and effective feedback regarding the potential outcome of a divorce. This can be uncomfortable, as it means shining the same light on yourself as on your partner, and placing both of you under careful scrutiny in some cases. Where children are involved, the role of a divorce attorney in Naples, FL such as representatives from Lusk Drasites & Tolisano PA is to help their client to win the custody and visitation rights they are entitled to. In the past, many divorces resulted in the mother winning primary custody while the father was awarded periodic visitation rights, to be agreed upon in a secondary proceeding. Today though, awarding primary physical custody is about finding an arrangement which is most beneficial for the children in question. In some cases, this means awarding primary custody to the father, while in others it may mean stripping all visitation rights from a parent and forbidding contact entirely. In this case, if a judge becomes involved, his or her entire purpose is to determine the best possible place for a child based on factual evidence and substantiated testimony. In some cases, divorce is the only logical conclusion to a negative relationship while in others it may not necessarily be the best solution at all. Before putting divorce on the table, make sure you've given an earnest effort to reopen lines of communication which may have been closed off. Not every marriage is hopeless, and while some relationships can be toxic this shouldn't be a foregone conclusion. Getting married in the first place takes a leap of faith on the part of both people, and over time it's easy for one party or the other to change or drift away, but closing that gap is a good deal easier than severing those ties entirely. This is especially true if children are involved, as the choices and actions you take now will impact them for the rest of their lives.